Funds on Hold

Monthly earnings will be posted to your funds approximately 15 days after the end of each month. However, earnings are not available for immediate payout.  These earnings will remain on hold for approximately 45 days. During this 45-day period, you may use these earnings to purchase advertising through ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve.

If you decide to use earnings that span multiple earning periods, please note that your most recent monthly earnings will be used first. 

For example, say you have earnings from January and February in your funds balance and are creating a campaign with ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve at the beginning of March. This means that your January earnings are nearing the end of the 45-day period and will soon be paid out. If you choose to use your earnings to purchase advertising, the system will use February earnings first so your January earnings will still be available for payout.

This way, you can reinvest your earnings without waiting and still receive payouts in the regular cycle!

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