Transferring Funds

Before you request a payout of your funds, please review your Payment Info to ensure the right payment option is selected.  You can access your Payment Info page by clicking the “Change this?” link on the Payout tab.

After confirming that your payment information is correct, go to the Payout tab under the Funds section.  Enter the amount you would like to remove and click the "Payout funds" button.

Please note that payments are made on approximately the 5th of each month.  Additionally, any earnings that have been posted to your account and remain in your funds will automatically be transferred each month based on your payment option selected.

Please note that only payouts that amount to $50 USD or more will be processed for automatic payment. You may elect to transfer less than the minimum amount out of your funds at any time. That amount will disappear from your funds balance, but will not be transferred to you until an accumulated amount of $50 has been reached. Once the minimum is reached, the amount of $50 or more will be transferred to you on the next payout date. 

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