The Transactions tab provides you an overview of all of the activities associated with your ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve account.  Not sure what a transaction type means?  See the table below:

Transaction TypeDescription
Deposit Signifies that you have made a deposit into your funds balance via PayPal.
Automatic Transfer Monthly payout; currently done automatically.
Campaign Payment Funds deducted from your funds balance to run advertising campaigns.
Site Earnings Funds earned through ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve.
Admin Balance Adjustment An adjustment made to your account by a ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve admin.
Manual Payout Request A request for check payment of any available funds balance.
Campaign Stop Refund A request to terminate a campaign, resulting in unused campaign funds being returned to your funds balance.
Funds Cleared Release of hold on monthly earnings; earnings become available for payout.
Promotion Payment Funds resulting from the use of a valid promotion code.
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