Gallery Basics

The creative gallery gives you the ability to store all of your creatives in one central location. If you upload creatives here in the gallery, they will be available for you to add them to your campaign during setup. If you choose instead to upload creatives directly to your campaign in the campaign wizard, those creatives will automatically be saved in your gallery.

The gallery is also where you can manage the destination URLs and labels for creatives.  

  • Destination URL - Dictate where users are directed after clicking your banner ad.  
  • Labels - Add labels to creatives to help you organize them. This will make searching and sorting them easier.

Important Note about Editing Creatives

Creatives attached to Running campaigns and creatives in your gallery are saved separately. As a result, any changes made to a creative will only be saved where you make that change.

For example, if you edit the destination URL for a creative in your gallery, this will not change the destination URL for that creative if it is being used in any Running campaigns.

The reverse is also true. If you change a creative in a Running campaign, those changes will not be reflected in your creative gallery. Please keep this in mind when making any changes to your creatives.

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