Ad Specifications

When uploading a creative for your mobile advertising campaign, your ad creative must meet the following specifications.

  • Ad sizes accepted: see Creative Dimensions.
  • Supported file types: .png, .jpg, or .gif.
  • Ad creatives must not exceed 1MB in size.

When creating a text creative using our Creative Builder, your ad creative must abide by the following specifications:

  • 168x28: 34 characters per line, 1 line of text allowed
  • 216x36: 38 characters per line, 1 line of text allowed
  • 300x50: 40 characters per line, 2 lines of text allowed
  • 320x50: 44 characters per line, 2 lines of text allowed
  • 480x60: 58 characters per line, 2 lines of text allowed
  • 728x90: 55 characters per line, 2 lines of text allowed
  • 300x250: 30 characters per line, 3 lines of text allowed

If an error occurs during the upload process, a message will be displayed to advise you why it failed.

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