Operating System and Type

Watch our video tutorial for a Step by Step guide to Targeting.


Through ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve,  you can target a number of different Operating Systems including, but not limited to: Android, iOS (Apple), BlackBerry, Symbian, webOS and Windows Phone.

Operating System

Select this option to have your campaign only run on the Operating Systems and device types you select. You may select any combination of the Operating Systems listed.


You may also target your campaign to the following device type(s):

  • Connected Device;
  • Feature Phone;
  • Smartphone; and/or
  • Tablet.

Please note: Certain combinations of Operating Systems and device types do not exist. For example, the Android Operating System does not have any feature phones. Therefore, if you select the Android Operating Systems and feature phones, your campaign will not deliver.


Note:  You can only target one of the following Device targeting options per campaign: Operating System and Type or Advanced Model Selection.


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