Handset Targeting


Watch our video tutorial for a Step by Step guide to Targeting.


Through mMedia, you can target individual handsets. Advanced model selection is designed for users who have a very specific idea for who their target audience is for their campaigns. 

Search for the devices and add them to the selected devices column.  You can search for specific devices by narrowing the options using the following:

  • Search by model:  Enter the name of the model to add to the selected devices.
  • Manufacturer:  Select the manufacturer(s) from the drop-down list to add to the selected devices.
  • Operating System:  Select the desired operating system(s) to add to the selected devices.
  • Device Types: Filter the list of devices by selecting connected devices, feature phone, smartphone, and/or tablet. You may then select the desired devices to add to your list.

Please note: You may only target a maximum of 1,000 handsets at one time.


Note:  You can only target one of the following Device targeting options per campaign: Operating System and Type or Advanced Model Selection.


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