Reporting Basics

The Reports tab provides insights into how your campaigns are performing, allowing you to thoroughly analyze and then optimize your campaigns.  Under the Reports tab, you can view Campaign Summary and Campaign Metrics.

Campaign Summary

After selecting Campaign Summary, you will see each of your campaigns arranged by insertion order (your campaign contract) in the drop-down menu next to "My Ad Campaigns". Choose the reporting you would like to view by insertion order or filter by the All, Active or Ended menu.

The date range allows you to filter your campaigns by specific time frames.

  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Month to Date
  • Last 30 Days
  • User-Specified date  


The table will be populated for the date range selected with the data below.

  • Campaign
  • Insertion Order
  • Status
  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • Spend
  • Total Views
  • Total Clicks
  • Total CTR
  • Total Spend

Clicking on the "Reporting" link for an individual campaign will quickly take you to the Reporting Metrics tab.  Additionally, you can export this report by clicking "Excel Export".  You may export your report in two formats: Excel Export or CSV Export.


Campaign Metrics

The Campaign Metrics tab provides you with a great deal of information about each of your campaigns. On the far left side of the page, click on "Clients" to see each of your Insertion Orders and each campaign associated with them. Selecting a campaign will populate the graph and table with data associated with that campaign.

  • Views
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Spend

Like with the Campaign Summary tab, you are able to filter the data by a date range.


The graph provides the ability to see two metrics side-by-side.




You may also choose to view the data in a table.




Following the graph or table, a summary will display with the totals for the selected campaign.



The table below the summary will list out each campaign if multiple campaigns are associated with the selected Insertion Order.


Export & Email

You can export these reports by using the "Export" feature.  You have the following options:

  • Save file as Excel or CSV.
  • Include creative level detail.
  • Select a single campaign.
  • Select multiple campaigns.

If you would like to email this report, simply click "Email". The default email address is the address associated with your account; you can use the link provided to update this address. There are two choices for sending the report:

  • As an attachment.
  • As a link that will direct the recipient to the report.


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