Dashboard Basics

Your dashboard provides a snapshot of how your mobile advertising campaigns are performing.  All metrics are reported in GMT. 

From the dashboard, you will be able to view the following campaign details:

Campaign Metrics

You can view the following metrics on the graph:

  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • Spend

Your CTR is a good indicator of how your campaign is performing. A high CTR indicates your campaign is performing well and you may want to increase your budget. If your CTR is low, consider testing different creatives or adjusting your targeting options to reach a broader audience.

Click the "Show Details" tab under the graph to view metrics, status and bid price per campaign. You can also export this data using two options: Excel or CSV.

Creative-Level Reporting

Click on the "+" sign next to any campaign to view performance metrics of the creatives attached to that campaign.

Please note that creatives must deliver at least one (1) view to be listed on the Dashboard. 

Bid Price

As you get started with mobile advertising, we recommend testing bid prices. Selecting a bid price that is too low will impact how your campaign is delivered. For your campaign to be successful, you will need to determine a competitive bid price that delivers campaign success while also meeting your budget. 

View Status of Campaigns

You can view the status of each of your campaigns. See Campaign Status for all of the possible statuses for your campaign(s).

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