Setting up App Tracking

Watch our video tutorial for a Step by Step guide to App Tracking.


In order to set up application tracking, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create a new campaign by clicking "New Campaign" in the Campaigns tab.


Step 2: Select the :Application Tracking via SDK" radio button under Conversion Tracking on the Basics page.


Step 3: Select the app you wish to create an app tracking ID for from the drop-down menu.  If you do not already have an app registered on the Monetize side of ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve, you will need to add one at this point by clicking on "Add a new app".


Step 4: Click "Activate" to generate your App tracking ID.


If you have already implemented the Application Tracking code, you may continue with campaign setup. If you need instructions for how to add Application Tracking code to your app, click "What do I need to do next?" located underneath the app drop-down menu and follow the steps below.


Adding Application Tracking Code to Your Application

Step 1: After you click on "What do I need to do next?" after creating an App Tracking ID, a modal will pop up providing you implementation instructions and your Tracking ID in the code snippet at the bottom. 

 Implementation Instructions for In-app Conversion Tracking

Step 2: Make sure that the application install code is integrated into the app you selected, and the app is available for download in its respective application market. 

Step 3: Continue to set up your campaign in the Campaign Wizard. If your app already has conversion tracking installed and is now available for download in the app store, you may set your campaign start date to any time.

If this step has not yet been completed, we recommend that you delay the start of your campaign until conversions will be tracked. You may delay your campaign by one of the following methods:

  • Set the start date for your campaign to the present time, and then pause the campaign once it goes into running status; OR
  • Save your campaign as a Draft. For more about draft campaign status, see the Draft Campaigns page.

Once your app has the conversion tracking code installed and is available in the app store, you may then either restart or start the campaign.


You must update your application with the application install code and make it available for download in its respective application market before conversion tracking will work. Until you have completed this, any campaign that runs will not have conversions reported.

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