Edit A Campaign

You have the ability to edit your campaigns in any status except for Completed, Terminated or Archived.


Please use the following steps to make edits to your campaign:

  1. Go to the green Campaigns tab.
  2. Select the campaign that you would like to edit. You can use the drop-down menu to sort through campaign statuses, or use the search field to quickly find the campaign by name.
  3. Using the Campaign Summary displayed on the right-hand side of your screen, scroll over each line item and click on the paper & pencil icon to return to the relevant campaign setup page.
    1. End Date: You may choose to extend or shorten the duration of your campaign. You also have the ability to terminate a campaign at any time.
    2. Budget:  You may increase your total budget or adjust your daily budget at any time. Please note that you cannot decrease your total budget once it has been saved.
    3. Targeting: You may adjust any of your targeting options at any time.
    4. CreativesYou may update creatives (banner and destination URL) attached to your campaign. If you edit creatives while your campaign is in Scheduled or Running status, your campaign will be placed back in Pending status until it has been reviewed and approved by Millennial Media. If you edit creatives in the "Completed" or "Unspent Funds" status, they will also go back to pending until after you add funds or extend the campaign schedule.

      Important Note - Editing Creatives: Creatives in active campaigns and the Creative Gallery are stored separately. As a result, any changes made to creatives in the Creative Gallery will not impact creatives currently attached to campaigns.  Additionally, any changes made to creatives attached to scheduled or running campaigns will not impact creatives stored in the Creative Gallery.

  4. Click "Review Changes" and you will be brought back to the Review page of campaign set up for a final review of your selections.
  5. Click "Save" and you will see your edits updated in the Campaign Summary.

Important Note: Edits made in the ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve portal are not instantaneous.  These changes can take between one and three hours to take effect.

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