Campaign Status

As you create, submit and manage your campaigns, they will be given a corresponding status. The list below provides an overview of each campaign status that you will see in the ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve dashboard.

 Please Note: All campaign status changes may take up to 3 hours to complete.

Status Description
Draft You do not want to submit a campaign yet for review. Users do not need to have any funds available to save a campaign in draft form.
Pending Your campaigns has been submitted and is under review.
Scheduled Your campaign is approved and will start on the date you've specified.
Running Your campaign is delivering on the ONE by AOL: Mobile platform.
Paused You have temporarily stopped your campaign.  You may restart this campaign at any time.  Also, once your ads have stopped running, you will be able to terminate your campaign and return unspent budget to your funds. 
Completed Your campaign has spent its allocated budget and may have reached its end date.
Unspent Budget Your campaign has reached its end date, but did not deliver its full budget.  You may extend the end date of your campaign to spend the total budget, or terminate the campaign and return your remaining budget back to your Funds.
Terminated You can request to stop your campaign and have any unspent budget returned to your funds while in denied, scheduled, or paused status. Once a campaign is terminated, it cannot be restarted.
Denied Your campaign does not abide by the Terms & Conditions set forth by ONE by AOL: Mobile, and will not be allowed to run in its current state.
Archived A campaign that will not be displayed on the Campaigns tab.  An archived campaign can be unarchived at any time.
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