Why Campaigns Are Denied

As you get started with ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve, keep the following information in mind to ensure your campaigns are approved.

Is the content of your ad creative and landing page appropriate? 

We will review the images and text included in your ad creative, as well as your landing page content to ensure it is appropriate and abides by Millennial Media's Terms and Conditions.

Does your landing page contain its own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?

Per FTC regulations, all pages where a user is asked to submit Personally Identifiable Information (name, address, email address, phone number, etc.) must contain both of these documents so that a user may learn how their information will be used. These links should be in close proximity to the submit action.

Is your offer a sweepstakes, contest or lottery?

Per FTC regulations, we require disclosures prior to user input including Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Game/Contest Rules.

Is your landing page safe? 

We will not approve any URLs that have been flagged due to malware or viruses.

Is your destination URL incorrect and/or causing errors? 

URLs are tested using country-specific proxies. If your URL is tested with a proxy and is still not accessible, your campaign will be denied.

Does the content of your banners match the content of your landing page?

The content of your banners and your landing page must match, or else this is considered deceptive to users.  The user must have a general understanding of what they will get on the landing page, based on the content of the banner.

Do you have the rights to use all trademarked images, logos, products or brand names within your promotion?

Millennial Media requires evidence that all brands are aware of their use in promotions by outside companies.  If this cannot be verified the campaign will not be allowed.


We will ask for additional information if your campaigns include any of the below content:

  • Gambling.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco or smokeless tobacco products.

We are also unable to accept the following content:

  • Battery apps.
  • System enhancement apps.
  • Partner Tracker apps.
  • SMS Catcher services.
  • 3rd party rewards programs.
  • Content that imitates system or app notifications.
  • “Win an iPhone” or “Win a Walmart Gift Card”  or any other such content where the advertiser does not have permission to trade on a brand’s name.
  • Antivirus apps not sold through a major app store
  • Adult Content, nudity
  • Strobing, flashing, or animated effects that last longer than 3 animations or lasts longer than 15 seconds.  Example: 3 different banner images may display for 5 seconds each, totaling 15 seconds of animation.
  • Landing pages that require the entering of another persons Personal Information
  • Cosmetics, Dietary Supplements & Weight Loss/Control Services that have unsubstantiated claims

These network guidelines are subject to change at any time and all campaign reviews are at the digression of the ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve team.

Note: If your campaign is denied, your campaign funds will remain associated with your campaign.  You will be notified by Millennial Media with the reason for denial.  You can terminate the denied campaign at any time and the unspent budget will be returned to your funds.

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