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Watch our video tutorial for a Step by Step guide to creating a campaign.


Creating campaigns is an easy process. The campaign wizard in ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve will guide you through each step to successfully launch your mobile advertising campaigns.

  1. On the Campaigns Tab, click on the New Campaign button.
  2. Enter some general information about your campaign. This includes, but is not limited to: campaign name, start/end date, budget and conversion tracking.   Conversion tracking can be used to monitor post click actions of users like downloading an app or signing up for a service.
  3. Choose the pacing for your campaign. You can choose either daily cap for when you want to limit the amount spent per day, or smooth delivery for when you would like to evenly spend throughout the course of the campaign.
  4. Choose your day parting selections. You may limit campaigns to certain days of the week or a certain time of day.
  5. Select your targeting options: choose where in the world you would like your campaign to run, and then choose one or a combination of operating systems, device types, handsets, carriers and audiences.
  6. Select your ads. You can either upload your own ad or create an ad using ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve’s creative builder. Once uploaded or created, all ads are saved in your Creative Gallery for future use.  Be sure to include creative sizes for each type of device being targeted.
  7. Set your bid price and see the delivery probability of your campaign using the Campaign Forecaster.

Once you have completed these steps, you may submit your campaign for review or choose to save your campaign as a draft. Please note that campaigns placed in draft will not be reviewed until funds are added and the campaign is submitted.

When you submit your campaign, it will be placed in Pending and sent to ONE by AOL: Mobile for approval. If your campaign is denied, see the Denied Campaigns page for more information.

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