Banner Design Best Practices

Whether you are uploading an existing mobile banner or are creating a new one in ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve using the Creative Builder, below are six design suggestions to consider when developing your creative. 

  1. Think about your audience and use colors, styles and icons that will appeal to them.
  2. Showing is better than telling. Instead of excessive text, include powerful descriptive phrases and icons for your offer like logos, recognizable characters and brand names. 
  3. Text in the banner should be 7 words or less and should include a Call to Action. Calls to Action can use words like "Download Now", "Special Offer" or "Get App Now".
  4. Avoid overly distracting animation like blinking text or icons.
  5. If you have an overly complex logo, use a simplified version as it will be easier to recognize in a small space.
  6. Don’t fake rounded corners or holes in the banner, since the app and site color may clash with your design.
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