Improve Fill Rate

Fill rate is a metric used to represent the total percent of ad requests you make to our network that result in an ad being displayed to your users.

If you find that you have a low fill rate, try these tips:

Allow all ad formats and placements.

This opens your inventory up to more campaigns.

Pass available metadata.

Metadata includes, but is not limited to gender, age, zip code, latitude/longitude, etc. - data that your users have agreed to share with your application, and given you permission to share with us.

Be mindful of your Click-Through Rate (CTR).

The higher your click through rate, the more valuable your inventory and the higher your fill rate. Your goal should be to have a legitimate (no accidental, "fat finger" clicks by your users!) of at least 1%.

Be sure to complete your app's profile.

This includes adding a descriptive and easily recognizable name, a URL that directs to either a landing page for your app or an app store page, a screenshot showing the content of your app and a detailed description of your app. Our team needs to understand the content of your application to determine the best placement for ads. The more information you provide about your application's content, the more interest you'll create and more campaigns will come your way.

Integrate with multiple ad networks.

Do this to find the combination that delivers the best results for your inventory. Find out how to allocate inventory to our partner networks.


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