Add & Manage Website

Step 1.0: Add Website Name

Click the ”Add a site” button. Enter the name of the website.


Step 2.0: Select Source Code Type

Select the source code type for your site. Options include: 

  • ASP
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • JSP5
  • Ruby on Rails

Step 3.0: Enter Site URL

Provide the URL for the website and select whether it is optimized for tablets.


Step 4.0: Provide a Screenshot

Provide screenshots of the website. You can upload up to five screenshots and have the ability to remove or edit them at anytime.


Step 5.0: Provide a Site Description

Provide a detailed description of the website. We ask that you provide a detailed description so our team can learn more about the content of the website and deliver the most relevant and effective ads to your users.


MyNewsSite is a complete news resource for people on the go. With hundreds of news resources to choose from and plenty of opportunity for personalization, MyNewsSite gives you immediate access to the news you want - anytime, anywhere. 

Step 6.0: Create Ad Placements

Your next step is to create placements for the ads that will display on the mobile website. 

Enter a name for the placement and select the categories that apply to the webpage.


Click “Submit” and the website and first ad placement will be created. 

Step 7.0: Integrate Code & Send First Request 

Integrate the code provided and send your first request to us to kick-off the review process.

You will receive notification of approval or denial of your site in approximately 24 – 48 business hours. 

Step 8.0: Manage Your Mobile Websites

You can edit the information you provided about a site at any time. Go to the Apps & Sites tab and select the “Edit” icon towards the upper right corner of the page to make changes. 

The first placement you created when you set-up the website is displayed in the “Placements” section. Name the placement, select a primary and secondary category and click “Save.”

Add New Placements


To add a new placement, click the “Placements” button. 



Finally, click “Tag Generator” (between the “Status” and “Delete” icons) to display a window with the code you need to incorporate in your website. Note: The APID for that placement will already be embedded in the code.

Need help adding or managing your mobile websites? Contact us.

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