Add & Manage App

Step 1.0: Choose an App Platform

Go to the ”Apps & Sites” tab and click the ”Add an app” button. Select the platform.


Step 2.0: Add App Name & App Store URL

Provide a name for the application.

Provide an app store URL for the application.

  • This field is optional because we understand you may not have submitted the application to an app store. If you have, we ask that you provide a URL so our team can learn more about the content of the application and deliver the most relevant and effective ads to your users.
  • If you are adding an iPhone application, use the “App Store Sync” feature to automatically populate the necessary data.

Note: For server-side integrations (non-SDK platforms), select a response type (XML or XHTML).

Step 3.0: Add Screenshots and Icon

Provide screenshots and an icon for the application. You can upload up to five screenshots and have the ability to remove or edit them at anytime.


Step 4.0: Select an App Category

Select a primary and secondary category that best describes the application. Selecting a secondary category is optional.


Step 5.0: Provide a Description of your App

Provide a detailed description of the application. We recommend using a modified version of the content description you submit to app stores.

Step 6.0: Create Ad Placements

Your next step is to create placements for the ads that will display in your  application. 

Enter a name for the placement and select the type. 

Click “Save.” Your app and first ad placement will be created. 




Step 7.0: Integrate SDK & Send First Request for Approval

Now that you have created placements, integrate the SDK and send your first request/impression to us to kick-off the review process. You will receive notification of approval or denial of your app in approximately 24 – 48 business hours. We strongly encourage you to test ads in your app during the review process. 


Step 8.0: Manage Your Apps & Add New Placements

You can always edit the information you provided about your apps. Simply click the “Edit” icon towards the upper right corner of the page.

To add a new placement, click the “Placements” button and follow the same steps that you did when adding your first placement when originally creating your app.

If you are integrating our SDK in the application, you will be prompted to select the Placement Type. You also need to provide a name for the placement. Click “Save” and you will see the new placement with its associated APID.

Add New Placements


Note: If you are integrating via our server-side API, you will only need to provide a Placement Name.


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