Common Issues

Here are the most common issues we see when developers integrate our SDK:


1. I am using a mediator and it doesn't work.

To narrow down what the issue might be, ensure that you have properly integrated with the mediator and confirmed with them that the version of the ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve SDK you are using is compatible with their SDK. We work closely with mediators to ensure they have access to the latest ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve SDK and can build against APIs and features that will generate the most revenue, such as our video ad products.

2. My app crashed.

Take a look at our sample application to see a basic example for integration. If you are trying to do some advanced ad display and having trouble, let us know and we will work with you to find a solution. To best troubleshoot ,please provide us with a crash log or stack trace.

3. I am not getting any ads.

Make sure your APID is correct, that you are connected to the internet, and that ad calls are being made. You can confirm requests are being made by viewing device logs or viewing activity through a proxy such as Charles or Wireshark. If you do not get ads, let us know and we will help you troubleshoot.

4. I am getting the wrong ad size.

Make sure you are set up to request the correct ad size that you want.


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