How to Pass Metadata

Premium brand advertisers utilize our platform's targeting capabilities to reach their desired audience. Metadata includes, but is not limited to gender, age, zip code, latitude/longitude, and income bracket - data that your users have agreed to share with your application, and given you permission to share with us. Your application will be eligible for more campaigns if you pass available metadata with each ad call. This data will be used to connect users of your application with advertising that is relevant to them based on the data they choose to share with you. The more relevant the advertisement, the higher the eCPM - and that means more money for you.

How to Implement

ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve is only able to monetize metadata formatted to our requirements. By adding lines to your code, you can provide age, gender, zip code or other information that you have available to you, and that you are permitted to share with us. This can be done by simply appending &variable=value to your code. In the table below, you'll see different variables that you are able to pass into the ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve ad infrastructure.

Variable Example Values
Age 23
Gender Male
Zip 90210
Marital Single
Income 100,000
Lat 32.0678
Long 101.089


For more information on metadata on specific operating systems, see our developer documentation site.

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