How to Test Ads in Your Apps Using Test Devices

Testing ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve ads on your application has never been easier!   Before testing please review the app & site approval process here.

Pending Test Ads

Prior to approval, your application or site will automatically be eligible for test ads.  Using the APID provided on the Manage Apps page, integrate the ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve SDK and begin requesting ads.  You will receive test ads indicating that your application or website is pending review.  Please note that new APIDs may take up to 1 hour to initialize before receiving any ads. 

Test Devices

When your application or site has been approved you will begin receiving live ads.  If at any time you would like to again receive test ads you may do so by registering a particular device.

Devices are registered using the unique identifier of your test device and registration is instant. Unregistered devices will continue to receive live ads. You can register or remove test devices at any time and you can register up to 100 devices. 

Our ads are easy to identify by their Millennial Media branding.

Here's an example:


Why is it important to test?

Our test ads are available in multiple sizes and formats. Using our test ads will allow you to test a wide variety of user experiences that may be difficult to reproduce with our live ads. Our test ads also include helpful descriptive information indicating the size and format of the ad.

When should I test?

We recommend testing your application thoroughly before submitting it to an application store. We also recommend re-testing each subsequent release of your app.

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