About Location Metadata

Increase the Value of your Inventory with Location-targeted Advertising

Looking for a way to make your inventory more valuable on our platform? Location is a solid place to start. Location-targeted advertising campaigns are growing in popularity with top brands. You can benefit if you are able to provide location metadata - data that users have agreed to share with your application, and have given you permission to share with us.

Why you should put location to work for you:

  • More advertisers are turning to mobile to deliver local offers and promotions to local consumers (think retail stores, restaurants, etc.), increasing the value of inventory that provides location.
  • Location-targeted advertising has the potential to increase the relevance and impact of ads, resulting in a better experience for your users and higher click through rates and eCPMs for you.

To enable location-targeted ads in your application, check out these step-by-step tutorials for iOS and Android, as well as our best practices.


Best Practices

Follow these best practices to make sure your application is fully location-ready:

  • Complete a thorough test using all the devices you intend for your application to support.
  • Ensure that your application does not hinder battery performance by requesting location updates more frequently than needed.
  • Register your test device to turn test ads on or off so testing does not affect your reporting or optimization.
  • Take privacy seriously.  Be sure that you are providing proper notice to your users, and getting proper permission from them to collect this data, and share it with us.
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