Ad Placement

When you incorporate advertising in your app, you want to make sure the ads are visible, but not intrusive to your users. We refer to this as ad placement. Aside from providing the best possible experience for your users, proper ad placement helps avoid unintended clicks. It's important for us to know that the clicks from your application are trustworthy. When your click through rate (CTR) is strong and accurate, your application will be eligible for more campaigns and you can earn higher eCPMs. Your goal should be to have a CTR of at least 1%. So, what do you need to consider when putting ads in your app? The ideal and most effect placement will vary by application, but here are a few best practices to follow.


  • Incorporate ads before your content loads or during natural transitions in your application experience
  • (i.e., between game levels or the transition from your homepage to a second level content page).
  • Make sure the ad is not intrusive to your users or your app experience, but clearly visible on the page
  • Be sure the ad is appropriately sized
  • Use the appropriate content transition or open or "white" space on the page for ads
  • Include only one ad on a page at a time

Do Not:

  • Place an ad near action/interaction buttons
  • Include a small ad in a location that may contribute to accidental, "fat finger" clicks
  • Place an ad in your app where a portion of it will be cut off
  • Resize an ad so that the resolution is poor

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