Client Campaigns

Sell Your Own Mobile Advertising Campaigns and We'll Serve Them in Your App

If a business has reached out to you directly to advertise in your applications, but you don't have a way to serve the ads you sell, we have a solution for you. With Client Ads, you can sell advertising directly to your own clientele. Once you close the deal, you can use ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve's free ad serving tool to display those ads in your applications. It's one more way to grow your business!

About Client Ads:

  • Easy set-up of your advertisers, orders and campaigns.
  • Flexible configuration for each campaign including date range, targeting, pacing and pricing.
  • Greater monetization opportunity as advertisers compete for your inventory.
  • Manage delivery of campaigns to your specifications using our ad-serving technology.
  • Review and export campaign metrics and bill your advertisers using the Campaign Summary report.
  • Ensure delivery of your campaigns. Client Ad campaigns will always be served first, followed by ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve ads, third party network ads or House ads.

How to Set-up a Client Ads

Step 1:

Go to the "Ads" tab and select "Campaigns" sub-tab.

Step 2:

Add your "Advertiser". Enter the name of the company/business that will be advertising in your applications.

Step 3:

Create one or more "Orders" for the advertiser. "Orders" may consist of one or more "Campaigns."


  • Your "Advertiser" is Joe's Pizza Shop.
  • You would have two "Orders"; One for Q1 and One for Q2.
  • Under the Q1 "Order", you would have two "Campaigns". Campaign #1 is pepperoni promotion and Campaign #2 is veggie promotion.
  • Under the Q2 "Order", you would have one "Campaign". Campaign #1 is sausage promotion.

Step 4:

  • Give each campaign a name that is descriptive, such as "Veggie Pizza 2-for-1 Aug 2011."
  • Assign the campaign to an "Order."
  • Specify the date range when the "Campaign" will run in your app.
  • Specify Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand (CPM) pricing.
  • Choose from two scheduling options:
    • Specify a daily budget cap. For example, $50 per day.
    • Specify a total budget cap for a given date range. If you select this option, our ad serving tool will smoothly pace the campaign - automatically accelerating or slowing the spend as needed to hit the total budget cap.
  • Optional - Use frequency capping to control how many times a user sees the same ad over a specified time period. For example, three times in a 24 hour period.

Step 5:

  • Select the applications where the campaign should appear.
  • Optional - Target the ads to users in specific countries.

Step 6:

  • Upload creative in sizes supported by your application.
  • Specify a click-through or landing page URL for each creative.

Step 7:

Launch the campaign. Campaigns will begin serving within 1-2 hours of launch. Please allow 2-3 hours before checking reporting.

Making Edits or Changes to a Campaign

Before they are launched, you can make edits or changes to Client Ads at any time.

Active Client Ad Campaigns can be paused and/or re-started at any time.

Once a campaign is launched, you cannot change the following:

  • The pricing model - For example, you cannot change a campaign from CPC to CPM.
  • The scheduling option - For example, the daily budget cap cannot be added or removed.
  • Campaigns that have ended cannot be edited or re-started.

Reporting Options for Client Ads

Reporting for Client Ad Campaigns can be found on the Campaign Summary and Campaign Metrics reports.

  • On the Campaign Summary report, select individual "Orders" from the dropdown menu to see a summary of "Campaigns" under each "Order".
  • Choose the "Clients" tab on the Campaign Metrics Report to see details for each campaign.
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