House Ads

How to Set Up a House Ad Campaign

You may set up House Ads to run your own ads inside your applications. It's another way to help you control your inventory. And the best part is that they're free! 

You can use House Ads in several different ways:

  • When ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve or another ad network you've selected does not return an ad, you may choose to serve your own House Ad.
  • You may also choose your own ads as a percentage of your application's inventory through our ad allocation service.
  • You may also choose a combination of the two options above.

Step 1: Add a New House Ad Campaign.

Click the "New House Ad" button.



Name your ad campaign.

Enter a name for your campaign (up to 20 characters).



Select which applications will run House Ads.

Select the applications where you would like the House Ad campaign to be displayed. The House Ad campaign will appear on the allocation screen of the selected applications.



Save your House Ad general information.

Click the "Next" button to save and move onto the next step.



Step 2: Set Geo-Targeting to select where to target your House Ads.

By default, your House Ad campaign will target all locations. However, you may target more specific geographic areas by clicking the "Select locations" radio button and checking one or more regions.



Step 3: Add Creative(s) to your House Ad campaign.

Click the "Add Creative" button.



Upload a Creative.

Upload one or more creatives to your House Ad campaign. We support .jpg, .png, and .gif file types. The available creative sizes are determined by the placements available for the selected applications.

Note: You may upload more than one creative per size.




Name the Creative.

Enter a name for each creative.



Enter a Destination URL for the Creative(s).

The destination URL is where you want to send users to when they click on your ad. This could be a mobile website or another application in the store.

Some example destination URLs for applications are provided below.


iTunes Store


Where APP_NAME is the app name and 343200656 is the app id (aka "Apple ID").

Note: This can easily be grabbed from iTunes by choosing "Copy Link" from the drop-down menu on an app's page.


Android Marketplace

Example: market://search? 

Where is the app package name.


Windows Phone 7 

Where c14e93aa is the app identifier.




Save the Creative.

Click the "Save" button.



Step 4: Verify the details of your House Ad campaign.

You may have noticed that the Campaign Details box in the right column updates as you create your campaign.

Verify that all of the campaign details are correct and that the creative at the bottom of the page meets your expectations.



Save Your House Ad Campaign.

Click the "Finish" button to complete the creation of your House Ad campaign.



Next Steps

Allocate your impressions.

The newly-created House Ad campaign is set to "serve unfilled inventory" by default.

Use the sliders to allocate the appropriate number of ad requests to your campaign.


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