Get Started Monetizing

Step 1: Create an Account

To start monetizing your applications on ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve platform, you'll need to create an account. Be sure to provide us with accurate payment and contact information. There are two payment options:

  • Paypal: Available for all developers; Recommended for fastest payment
  • Check: Available for U.S.-based developers only

Step 2: Set Up Your Applications

Follow the easy steps to complete app set up. Be sure to provide all of the information requested, including a detailed description, URL and screenshot of your application. This will help our team learn more about the content of your apps and deliver the most relevant and effective ads to your users.

Step 3: Integrate the SDK

ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve's SDKs are easy to implement and provide everything you need to be up and running in no time.  Download the appropriate SDK and follow the instructions on our developer wiki.

Step 4: Send Impressions to Be Approved

After successfully integrating the SDK, there are three steps to receiving live ads on your application or site:

  1. APID Initialization - The APID associated with your new application or site must be initialized by our system. Initialization happens automatically upon creating a new APID and may take up to 1 hour. No ads will be returned until the APID has been initialized.
  2. First test request - After an APID is initialized it is eligible for test ads. The test ads will include a message indicating that your application or site is pending approval. Please submit at least one test request/impression to qualify your application or site for live ad approval.
  3. Approval - The ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve team will review your application or site within 24-48 business hours of the first test request. You will receive an email when your app or site has been approved or denied. If your application or site is approved, you will be eligible to receive ads from live campaigns. If declined, we will provide you with the reason(s) your application or site was denied. You will then have the opportunity to address the issue and resubmit your application or site for approval.

Click here for more information on the review and approval process.

Step 5: Start Making Money

After completing the steps above, you're ready to start serving ads and earning revenue. Reporting on live ads and earnings will be displayed on yourO NE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve dashboard within 2-3 hours.


Have questions? Contact our support team. We're here to help!

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