Advertiser Glossary

Ad Gallery

Located in the Creatives tab in the Advertise section of One by AOL: Mobile Self Serve.  All creatives that were previously uploaded to campaigns are stored in this gallery and can be reused for any future campaigns.  You can also load creatives directly into this Gallery at any time.  Please note that when edits are made to creatives in your Ad Gallery, these edits will not be applied to running campaigns using these creatives.


Application Tracking

The ability to track how many of your views and clicks result in a download of your app.  To utilize this feature, an advertiser must register the app with the Monetize side of One by AOL: Mobile.


Bid Price

The value which represents the amount of money advertisers pay per click or per thousand impressions. Advertisers pay a specific bid price based on the number of times mobile device users view or click their particular advertisement.



Activity for which an advertiser spends funds to promote a product, service or brand through cost per click (CPC) campaigns.


Campaign Category

A category selection that allows One by AOL: Mobile to serve your mobile ads on the most relevant and appropriate sites and apps on our platform.


Campaign Status

  • Pending: Your campaign has been submitted and is under review.
  • Scheduled: Your campaign is approved and will start on the date you've specified.
  • Running: Your campaign is delivering on the One by AOL: Mobile platform.
  • Paused: You have temporarily stopped your campaign and no ads are being displayed.
  • Completed: Your campaign has spent its allocated budget and reached its end date.
  • Completed*: Your campaign has reached its end date, but did not deliver its full budget.  You may extend the end date of your campaign to spend the total budget, or terminate the campaign and return your remaining budget to your Funds.
  • Terminated: You may request to stop your campaign at any time and have any unspent budget returned to your Funds.  Once a campaign is terminated, it cannot be restarted.
  • Denied: Your campaign does not abide by the Terms & Conditions set forth by Millennial Media, and will not be allowed to run in its current state.


Carrier Targeting

The ability to target all mobile carriers or specific mobile carriers available in the country you are targeting.



An action denoted by the number of times a mobile device user physically selects your mobile ad.


Click-through Rate (CTR)

A metric expressed as a percent that is used to measure the effectiveness of a mobile advertising campaign. CTR is calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked on an ad by the number of impressions. Example: 5 clicks / 500 impressions = .01 x 100 = 1% CTR. This is an important performance metric.


Connection Type Targeting

Advertisers can choose to target all connection types, only mobile carriers, or only WiFi carriers. 


Cost per Click (CPC)

The amount an advertiser pays each time a user clicks on an ad. CPC campaigns are generally utilized by performance advertisers.



An advertisement which displays within content on an application or site on a mobile device.


Daily Budget

Amount of your total budget that the campaign will attempt to spend each day, until the total budget is spent or the campaign end date is reached.  Please note: Service day concludes at 11:59 pm GMT.  By electing to start a campaign on the same day as setup, the daily budget may not be met depending on how much time is left in the day  



Provides a high-level glimpse of advertiser statistics via a graphical summary.


Destination URL

Serves as the web address, specified by the advertiser, where the user will be taken when an ad is clicked.


Device Type Targeting

The ability to target certain types of devices such as smartphones, feature phones, connected devices or tablets.


Effective Cost per Thousand (eCPM)

This a metric used to reflect your spend, regardless of the campaign type mix (CPM, CPC, CPA, etc.). eCPM is calculated by dividing the total amount you spent by the total number of impressions you received. Example: You earned $500 from 50,000 impressions. That would be ($500/50,000) = .01 x 1000 = $10 eCPM


Hyper-Local Targeting

Targeting any location worldwide within a specified Centroid or Polygon area.



An impression occurs each time an ad is displayed to a user on a mobile device.



A label is a term or many terms that can be assigned to a creative to categorize it.  Labels can be helpful to search for a creative that you may want to reuse in the future.


Operating System (OS) Targeting

A targeting option that enables you to select the operating systems that power mobile devices. Options on the One by AOL: Mobile platform include Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian, webOS, Windows Phone 7, or Other.


Pace Evenly

The campaign will attempt to spread out the spend of the campaign evenly throughout the total run time of the campaign.



A third party website that provides a safe way to transfer money to your One by AOL: Mobile Self Serve Funds.


Region-Specific Targeting

Targeting a specified Metro area within the United States.



The ability for an advertiser to reach a specific audience of mobile consumers across operating systems, device types, carriers, countries, etc.



When money is moved from one place to another.  Example: Money is transferred from PayPal to your One by AOL: Mobile Self Serve Funds.

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