When and how will I be paid?

At ONE by AOL: Mobile Self Serve, our goal is to make the payment process as fast and easy as possible for you. Please keep the following information in mind as you begin to monetize your application:

We send payment two months after the delivery month. For example, if you earn $1,000 in January, you would receive payment two months later, or the first week of April. Please allow up to one additional week for processing.

We do have a minimum payment threshold of $50 USD for PayPal payouts and $500 for Wire payouts. You must earn at least $50 or $500 respectively before you receive payment from us. You will receive payment two months after the month you reach the $50 or $500 USD threshold.

For fastest payment, we strongly recommend PayPal. To change your payment method, simply log-in to the portal and select "Manage Profile". On that page, select PayPal as your Payment Method.

In countries where PayPal is not supported, payment can also be received via wire transfer. You will need to contact us and provide the following information: Beneficiary Account, Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Address, Beneficiary Bank Name, Bank City/State, Bank Country, and ABA or SWIFT Code.

If you have additional questions about payment, please contact us.

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